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Coyote Crisis Collaborative


Coyote Crisis Campaign |

Biodesign Institute Center for Applied NanoBiosciences |

CCC is a crisis response campaign designed to test healthcare systems, corporations, academic institutions, government organizations and the military in emergency crisis response – locally, regionally and nationally.

Led the team in developing, visualizing, prototyping and testing a mobile bio-terrorism response diagnostic unit. Researched, interviewed and shadowed lab technicians in action utilizing qualitative research methods such as video ethnography to facilitate the design process of the physical layout and architecture of the apparatus. I worked with the Biodesign Institute Center for Applied NanoBiosciences and designed, constructed and presented the working prototype to General Dynamics representatives, ASU Biodesign scientists, the Arizona Air National Guard, Army personnel, Scottsdale Healthcare officials and City of Scottsdale representatives. Subsequently the prototype was tested and validated in a citywide attack scenario. Beginning with air dropped SWAT teams apprehending suspects, the bio-agent was discovered and delivered to our prototype mobile bio-containment response vehicle where it was processed and successfully identified as live E. coli.