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Digital Patina: The evolution and development of the user interface of from eye-tracking lab studies.

This web presence,, has evolved from its first version and continues to evolve at this very moment adapting to user interactions. Initial versions were interactive 3D flash with a dark theater style look to allow the content to pop. Precision eye tracking lab studies were conducted at the Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing. These studies guided the design of the UI and helped evaluate which projects and imagery were most viscerally eye catching and appealing. is a living example of Activity Centered Design in action, in the present. The site was not only designed and constructed upon tested interactions in the past, but your very interaction here and now, guides its further transformations. Every interaction further evolves the site, a digital patina created from behaviors that are continually smoothing out edges; moving, adjusting and refining high traffic paths and objects. The version you are seeing today is based on the premise of a peaceful, informative and accessible modern museum, fully flexible, fluid and mobile device ready.

Thank you for visiting. You have shaped this site for future viewers.

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