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SpringActive Inc.


SPARK | Identity & Visualization

Deep glossy cobalt blues layered with clean aluminum sliver in a modern iconic badge works in concert to exude the engineering elegance, refinement and advanced athletic ergonomics that represents SpringActive. SpringActive Inc. specializes in developing powered human assistance devices as showcased by Dean Kamen on National Geographic demonstrating the world’s first powered prosthetic ankle. The boot unit shown is a wearable apparatus used to collect excess energy from body movements. Through merely walking, the unit generates electricity enabling users to recharge and power electronics remotely in the field. The cohesive vision of the new brand identity and product visualizations shown were successfully presented to the US Military securing several multimillion dollar research grants for the company.


SpringActive Inc.

SpringActive D
SpringActive S
SpringActive Exploded Diagram
SpringActive Power Unit
SpringActive Logo Icon
SpringActive Logo
SpringActive V