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Global Web Presence

Clear Design

A new design language.

HeartFlow, Inc.

Healthcare Design

SpringActive Inc.

Engineering elegance, refinement and advanced athletic ergonomics.

Opera Experience

Journey Mapping

Biomedical Informatics

Human Machine Symbiosis Lab: Haptic Telesurgery Simulator

WAVE Rehabilitation Research

Design is about being a human advocate. Empathize to align.

Spatial Acoustics

First-Person Audio

Translational Products

The Affective Responses to Changing Physicality
Master of Science in Design Thesis

LiftPort Group

Envision the next step.
Inspire the next journey.

Kinetic Design

Choreographed Affordances

HCI Research Group

Great design is invisible.


Branding that speaks to us.

Royal Cycleart

FORKLOC 100 series

Gravitysoul 3100

Feel the bond between the organic and the asphalt. The human and the machine.


Envision Ideas. Render Answers.


Forms guided by crowd behavior.

Haptics Research Lab

Psychophysics of Virtual Friction Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing

Coyote Crisis Collaborative

Mobile bio-containment diagnostic response unit.


Design is about asking the right questions.